What Makes Gidget Unique?

Every model is self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, lightweight and aerodynamic, economical on fuel and easily towed by a standard car – yet built robust to stand up to rugged Australian conditions.

Gidget is the only teardrop camper in the world with the unique, patented slide-out feature that allows for enough room for a full queen size bed and plenty of storage and cabinet space inside the cabin. 

Gidget is a perfect tent-alternative and great for those who don’t want to have to upgrade to a larger tow vehicle, those who want to save on fuel, and those living in smaller living quarters with limited parking space. 


Standard Features

All of our Gidget models come packed with these features as standard:

  • Unique patented slide-out feature nearly doubling the size of the cabin interiors

  • Lounge conversion from bench to bed

  • Full width skylight for natural light and sleeping under the stars

  • Rotating entertainment system (with 24” TV + USB port + CD Player)

  • Gidget domestic quality 2 burner gas cooktop with safety devices

  • Energy efficient solar panel system and LED lighting

  • Storage (underfloor, cabinets, kitchen drawers)

  • 12V power via included battery

  • 12V charging via trailer wiring (driving), solar panel (cab extended), and 110V battery charger

  • 110V outlets via a) 12V to 110V inverter or b) when plugged into campground power 

  • Water tank and waste tank

  • Large screened windows

  • Safety features such as fire extinguisher, smoke detector and locks

  • Our much-loved craftsmen-built timber kitchens


Personalize Your Gidget

Every Gidget Camper is custom-built to order regardless of the model type. Each one is a work of art and personalized to your tastes. You choose your body and wheel guard colors, retro curtain fabric pattern, cushion color, handle style as well as a choice from 10 different types of gorgeous Australian and American timbers – all included in the standard prices. 

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Self-Sufficient & Enviro Friendly

Because Gidget Campers are built to be lightweight and aerodynamic, they are very economical and fuel efficient to tow. Also, no matter what model you choose, there is plenty of power on board with the combinations of an inbuilt mono-crystalline solar power system, deep cycle battery and inverter – all easily recharged via a Bargman plug while driving and the solar panel while parked. Large water and waste tanks also make it easier to camp off the grid for longer periods of time.

Take a quick tour with us..

We're proud to introduce the Gidget Bondi model. Gidget co-founder, Christine Bree highlights many of the unique features that allow you to enjoy 'glamping' in style. Gidget is proudly Australian made, owned and designed.

Gidget co-founder, Christine Bree highlights many of the unique features that allow you to enjoy 'glamping' in style. 

When you arrive at your camp, you quickly and simply open and extend the slide-out in under 30 seconds.  This action creates the 6‘ 10” bed plus it engages the solar panel system and exposes the full width skylight and large side windows.  Several useful features allow you to be fully self-sufficient to camp and ‘leave no trace’.  These include a large water tank and waste tank along with built in aerial, satellite plug and solar power (the camper can also power charge via Bargman Plug and town power).  Our larger Noosa model also has a portable temperature controlled shower and toilet option in the easily accessed external compartment.