How spacious is it inside the cabin?

Gidget is a true teardrop camper, which is different from a standard camper. It is designed to be compact, tow low, lightweight and aerodynamic. Therefore, they are not designed for standing up inside. Because we have the unique world-wide patented slide-out, our cabin space is almost double that of a conventional teardrop camper and has a full Queen size bed. There is also plenty of head room when sitting at the lounge or sitting up in bed. Being our compact model designed to be towed by very small vehicles, the Bells has a reduced cabin height.

Is Gidget fully waterproof?

Our campers are designed for the great outdoors and are fully water tested as part of our quality assurance before leaving the factory.

What is it like inside Gidget in hot weather? What about in cold weather?

Gidget is fully insulated. We have camped on beaches in far north Queensland in the summer and Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, in the winter. From our personal experiences, and those shared by all of our Gidget Glampers, Gidget is perfectly comfortable in any temperature. If going somewhere cool, a warm winter quilt does the trick. In hot conditions, a fan or a Transcool Evaporative Air Cooler is very effective. (We also offer installed fans as an upgrade if you’d prefer to have the wires hidden and save on counter space.)

Is Gidget easy to tow and maneuver as well as set up?

Yes, yes and yes! As the Gidget is streamlined and deliberately weighted low to the ground for stability it is extremely easy to tow, being so aerodynamic it doesn’t drag and fuel consumption is low. The Gidget body is the same width as a standard car and you can easily see down both sides of the camper while you are traveling without needing extra mirrors. If you ever get into a sticky spot reversing into a tight space, you can unhitch and maneuver Gidget by hand. When you arrive in location you just unlock both side doors, pull up the locking mechanisms on both sides, then using the handle on the front of the slide-out, just pull out manually. It is on large drawer runners but also slides on Teflon and Stainless Steel runners. There are no struts needed, you are set up in a minute. You can have the kettle boiled or the bottle of wine cracked and be relaxing in the time someone else is still pulling their tent out of their bag.

How does the conversion from a bench to a bed work?

Due to the unique design of the slide-out the bed easily converts to a lounge and back again. There are hand holds so that one person can lift up the front section of the ‘underfloor’ to create a seat back in position, revealing a generous under floor storage area, which is also the foot well.

You could store your portable table and chairs in this area so when you arrive at your campsite, you pull back the lounge, take them out and set them up outside in front of your kitchen. This leaves your footwell clear for using the lounge. There are other storage compartments under the bed as well as your spare tire. The pull out table is a generous size and slides away out of view when not needed. You can use the table in both the bed position and the lounge position.

I’m worried about safety. Are there locks on the doors and windows? What other safety and anti-theft features do you have?

Both doors can be locked from the inside via slide catch and outside by a key. The windows are hopper opening and can be locked in any position or locked closed. The kitchen hatch also locks. You can also choose to fit a tow hitch lock and install a GPS tracking device in one of many hidden places in the Gidget.

Will my car be able to tow Gidget?

Our campers are designed to be lightweight so that they can be towed by most standard 4 cylinder cars. But please refer to your car's manual or contact your vehicle manufacturer to check on its braked/tow capacity. Because all Gidgets come with electric brakes as standard, by installing a brakes controller on your car you can increase the maximum weight your car can safely and legally tow.

  • A Gidget BONDI is approximately 550kg / 1200lb dry, that is, unladen. When the 80L / 21gal water tank is full, 40L / 8 3/4gal cooler is packed, food and personal belongings on board the Bondi could realistically be around 700kg / 1500lb. This is the weight you need to be able to safely tow. So your car's braked capacity needs to be at least 750kg / 1650lb.
  • Same for the Gidget NOOSA which is approx 650kg / 1450lb unladen, with the 110L / 24gal water tank and 80L / 21gal cooler full and you're fully packed for your trip away could be up around 950kg / 2100lb, meaning your car's braked capacity needs to be at least 1000kg / 2200lb.

Some cars, including most sports cars or hybrid or older cars don't have the chassis or subframe to enable a tow bar to be installed in the first place, so check this also with your manufacturer.

Do I need to install anything on my car to tow Gidget?

Yes, most obviously you need to install a tow ball.  If you’d like to supplement the solar panel’s charging power, you can use a Bargman Plug which charges the Gidget battery while you’re driving.  You should also install an electric brake controller to your vehicle. Your auto electrician can advise you on this and do the install for you.

You can also refer to the National Highway Transport Safety Administration's NHTSA Towing Guide here

Can I attach a storage box or anything else to the drawbar?

No, because the slide-out uses the drawbar to extend and needs the full length up to the jockey wheel. Also if you drill holes into the drawbar you will compromise the steel’s integrity and strength. If you place something heavy on the drawbar and bend it even just a few millimeters you will affect the smooth extension of the slide-out. Your warranty on the manufacture of the sub frame/chassis would also be voided in these cases.

Can we attach roof racks to Gidget?

Our Gidget off-road models, the Brumby and Brumby WILD, come standard with heavy duty roof racks as pat of the body design. Our fully retro models, Bells, Bondi and Noosa, are purposefully designed without roof racks. Due to the design of the slide-out and the rounded roof you can’t mount roof racks onto the roof of the Gidget. The Gidget rounded design is very strong and so is the roof structure. However, we would have no control over what people may want to mount onto the roof of their Gidget, and in turn effect the structure of the roof, the aerodynamics when towing due to the interruption of the teardrop shape by adding another structure to the roof, as well as the balance of weight which is key to the design of Gidget not needing struts for support. As you know Gidget is designed to be durable but lightweight to make it easy to tow behind a 4-cylinder car. Most cars are designed for roof racks so we suggest you install racks on your car for your kayaks etc. Please note: If you retro fit anything onto your Gidget, in particular roof racks, you will void your warranty.


What does a Gidget come with as Standard?

Gidget models come fully loaded, with no reason to option up to make your Gidget ready for your travels. Not only are they fully equipped, they are customized to order as part of the base price. Some of the things we’ve included:

  • Our unique, patented slide-out (allows for a full Queen-size bed, 6’10” in length)
  • Bed converts to a lounge and back in 3 easy steps.
  • Slide out table in the cabin for coffee/tea or working on a computer
  • 110W Solar Panel System that engages as soon as you extend the slide-out
  • Full electronic control panel (to manage your power and water usage etc.)
  • Large 19” x 21” windows on both sides of the slide-out, fully screened, double glazed and locking with pull up privacy screen
  • Large 60” wide skylight for natural light and star gazing while in bed
  • Rotating entertainment console with TV/DVD/USB/CD Player plus stereo with internal and external speakers. You can watch movies in bed, tailgate with friends or simply listen to music – inside or out.
  • A cooler that can be upgraded to a Fridge/Freezer
  • Generous sized high-quality toughened glass 2-burner cooktop connected to isolated LPG [Gas]
  • Pressurized water and glass-lidded sink
  • Power on-board with a battery, battery charger and inverter with isolation switches
  • Large water tank plus waste tank
  • Spare tire in the underbed storage area
  • Internal cupboards and storage areas equal to 6.3 standard suitcases in the Bondi and over 7 in the Noosa
  • Large lockable doors on both sides of Gidget with porthole windows and retro car door handles, keyed the same
  • Well appointed kitchen with marine quality timber finishes, pantry, utensil drawers and generous shelving and counter space
  • Mirrored stainless steel running guard and stone guard features
  • Custom smoothie hot rod wheels with wide tires

You just load up your cooler and pantry with your food and drinks, pack your clothes and personal items and you have all you need to go on your adventures. There are many more features so refer to the model specifications and price list to find out. 

Are there options for timbers outside of the ones that you include as standard?

Yes. We have specialty timbers whose price vary subject to rarity and availability. We can let you know what we have available at the time of your order and give you a customized estimate. All timbers are sourced from sustainable and responsible suppliers with environmental credentials.

Can I have my Gidget wheel guards painted to match my car?

Yes. Just give us your vehicle make and model and color and we will match it. This is an upgrade and the final cost depends on the color.

Can I order a specific body color to match my car?

We have 5 included body colors to choose from including white and cream for the Bells, Bondi and Noosa models and an additional "slate" color for the off-road models. Though you cannot request a custom body paint job, many of our customers have hot rods and custom cars and want to have a way to match their Gidget to their car. We recommend requesting a custom WHEEL GUARD color upgrade. These quotes can be done on request and are affordable.

Does Gidget have a shower or toilet?

For the longer models, the Noosa, Brumby, Brumby WILD, you can request a Shower & Toilet Compartment upgrade. The compartment is an outward opening door of the Gidget and stores a pressurized, temperature controlled water system as well as a portable potty.

The compartment space slopes with the roofline and the dimensions are:

  • Width: 445mm
  • Depth: 495mm
  • Height at the highest point: 690mm
  • Height at the lowest point: 605mm

These dimensions are the internal dimensions and the door is slightly smaller. The portable potty is on the bottom and the hot water system/shower/spigot (for tea etc.) is on the top on a shelf that pulls out.

You put the portable potty down on the ground in your privacy tent when you want to use it, or some people have a double privacy tent so they have the shower and toilet set up side by side. The pressurized hot water system has a 9’10” hose permanently connected to the Gidget’s water tank.

We recommend you also use a canvas shower tray to capture the water into a bucket via a hose to keep your campsite dry and protect the environment. The privacy tent/s and shower tray can be purchased at outdoor stores.

Is a Queen-size bed standard in all Gidget models?

Yes, all except the compact Bells model which has a double bed due to the reduce width of this camper's body to suit being towed by very small vehicles. All other models come standard with a full Queen-size bed in both length and width. Glenn, the co-designer and co-owner of Gidget Retro Teardrop Campers, is 6’6” and we designed Gidget with him as our benchmark.

What is the rotating entertainment console and how does it work?

This is our unique design and a great feature for relaxing and entertaining while using your Gidget. The full HD 24” TV/DVD player is on one side of a rotating panel on the other side is a curved shelf and the stereo, plus USB ports and 12V outlets. The console rotates smoothly on a ball-bearing ‘lazy susan’ system and ‘clicks’ into place on a 180 degree rotation. You can rotate the console from the outside at the kitchen or from the inside in the cabin. This rotating entertainment console means you can enjoy a movie in bed or rotate it to face the outside and enjoy a show or game with friends – or just listen to music while you enjoy a beverage or eat meals al fresco.

What are the key differences between the Bondi and Noosa models?

Our spec sheets the best way to compare every aspect between these two side by side. But to summarize, here are some key comparisons (also summarized here).



The Noosa is just under 2 feet longer than the Bondi

The Noosa Longline has space for an exterior shower and toilet compartment (upgrade) or an extra interior cabinet (standard).  These occupy the same space so it is one or the other.


Bondi: storage volume equal to 6+ standard suitcases [in cupboards and under the bed].

Noosa: storage volume equal to 7+ standard suitcases [in cupboards and under the bed] and has a hanging cupboard for shirts, skirts etc.


Bondi: kitchen with a pantry drawer and utensil drawer, storage under the stove in the stove drawer and generous shelf space wrapping around the kitchen above the countertop.

Noosa: approximately three times more volume overall than the Bondi with deeper and longer drawers and utensil drawer, storage under the stove in the stove drawer and generous shelf space wrapping around the kitchen above the bench top.


Bondi: 21 Gallon  / Noosa: 29 Gallon


Bondi: 10.5 Gallon / Noosa: 10.5 Gallon


Are there flyscreens on the windows and doors?

The two large double-glazed windows on the slide-out have screens. They also have retractable privacy screens. The architraves around both cabin doors have built in metal washers designed so you can attach our custom made Gidget fly-screens to the door frames via magnates. The design of the slide-out and waterproof seals means we have strict tolerances for the thickness of the door, and we didn't want to compromise on the design of our rounded door and porthole window by using a standard rectangular camper door. So our portable easy-to-apply screens are the way to go. 

What about an awning or annex?

Back in the beginning we considered an awning for Gidget, however an awning is restrictive in size and needs to extend from one part of the camper. It would affect the aesthetics of the clean exterior design, would require poles and ropes....all things that go against our Gidget design.

We have found the Coleman Event 14 Gazebo (4 attachable sides available) to be a good solution. It covers Gidget comfortably and yet packs down into a bag that can be easily stored under the bed compartment. There are many other options out there but this is just one example of a solution for shelter from sun or rain and extending your campsite space while being adjacent to your Gidget.

Gidget comes standard with a Cooler, but can I upgrade to a Fridge / Freezer?

Yes. All Gidgets come standard with a quality moulded cooler, and the kitchen drawer is designed to take either. We do offer an upgrade to a Fridge/Freezer and all of our models have a 12V plug at the back of the drawer to allow for the upgrade at any time.

Do all Gidget models come standard with the solar panel system?

Yes. All our Gidget campers come standard with the mono-crystalline silicon solar panel system. This is a slimline panel embedded into the slide-out roof so when you arrive at your campsite you just unlock and extend the slide-out. The solar panel system engages and starts sending power to your battery.

Are there two doors in all Gidget models, on both sides?

Yes. All our Gidgets have 2 doors on all models, this is something we wouldn’t compromise on. There are teardrops with only one door and it means you have to climb over your partner to get out and also to access the storage and cupboards. We have large rounded doors and you can comfortably sit in the doorway on the cushion and also set up the lounge from either door and easily sit down inside. During the day you can lie inside with the doors open and the curtains back on the skylight and side windows and it’s almost like being outdoors.

Does Gidget come with lighting?

Yes, in the kitchen as well as the cabin. We have LED lights in the kitchen under the lid which illuminate your food preparation including the stove, but generous enough that they also throw ample light into the area outside the kitchen so you can sit and eat at night without necessarily needing an extra lamp.

In the cabin we have LED lights in the main body, on a separate control from the over the bed lights on each side of the bed. These flexible directional over the bed lights are installed in the corners of the slide-out at the head of the bed and are also operated you can stay up and read whilst you partner has their light out.

There are also small 1W LED courtesy lights over each door so you can leave these on at night if you wish so you can find you way back to your Gidget after a trip to the restroom, or to unlock your doors after arriving back at your Gidget after dark, or to throw some light into an adjacent tent or gazebo.

What Upgrades are offered?

Although everything you need for full functionality is included, there are some areas that you may want to go to the next level. Understanding that everyone has their own camping style, conditions, requirements – we offer upgrades on batteries, suspension systems and a fridge/freezer. For those with aesthetic interests, you can choose any custom wheel guard color to match your vehicle, custom curtain fabric outside of our standard options, as well as specialty timbers (subject to availability) as an upgrade option. For comfort, we offer things such as tents, 12V air coolers and installed fans.

Process, Technical & Legal

How do you service your warranty and what about general maintenance and repairs?

If you believe you have an issue which falls under our two-year Manufacturer’s warranty on manufacture and workmanship we’ll discuss this with you and arrange for assessment and repairs or replacement at our selected service provider. If it is a fault in a minor part, we would send the replacement part by express post to you or to the service provider for replacement on your Gidget.

In order for repairs to fall under our warranty please always refer to the Terms & Conditions (supplied and signed and agreed by both parties when an order is placed) on how you should use and operate your Gidget and that you’ve taken all due care under normal conditions which are clearly outlined in the T&Cs. The third party components such as the TV and fridge are covered by the supplier’s warranty.

What type of general maintenance will Gidget owners need to do?

On handover of a Gidget, the new owner receives instructions on how to maintain their camper in good condition.  This owner-maintenance includes servicing of the slide-out runners and how to flush your water tank once a year. Gidget has been designed to be a low maintenance camper with simple but effective and durable mechanisms that when treated correctly and maintained as directed provide the owners many years of problem-free camping.

Where are Gidget Campers built? Are there any manufacturing facilities in the USA?

All of our campers are 100% Australian designed and built. Our factory is in Queensland, Australia with a dedicated team of highly skilled tradespeople such as cabinetmakers, woodmachinists, fibreglassers, prototypers, metal workers, fitters, installers, electrician and electronics engineer. All manufacturing is done in Australia and North American sales are handled by the Licensees, Kathleen and Dwight Wills, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Is there a waiting list for a Gidget? What is the completion and delivery timeframe?

Every Gidget is custom-built to order in our Australian factory according to your personalized finish selections and upgrades. Once your order is placed and funds are received (40% down) we enter your camper into our production schedule. Due to demand and the varying volume of orders, and the amount of time required for shipping and delivery, your approximate wait time will be provided to you at the time of your order. USA orders are shipped into the East or West Coast. All shipping is included in the prices. We will ask you what your preference is when you place your order and arrange for pick-up or (at the customer’s expense) delivery to your door.

Do you have any financing options?

We do not have financing at this time. Our payment schedule is 40% down at the time of your order and then the remaining 60% balance due 60 days prior to completion and shipping.

How do I place an order?

 All of our order forms are provided in the Resource section. You can fill them out electronically or print and fill out, scan and send back to us at We then sign, and return the signed and completed form to you with an order number and an invoice.

You will also be contacted so that a personal connection is made and to go over the entire order process and any questions you may have. We answer all correspondence and phone calls personally so you will always get excellent customer service no matter how you choose to contact us.

For more details about the process, please see our Buying Process page.