Gidget retro campers are craftsmen-built to order and designed to be everything you need to hit the road for a weekend or an extended vacation. Every model is self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, lightweight and aerodynamic, economical on fuel and easily towed by a standard car – yet built robust to stand up to rugged Australian conditions. Gidget is a perfect tent-alternative and great for those who don’t want to have to upgrade to a larger tow vehicle, those who want to save on fuel, and those living in smaller living quarters with limited parking space.


Our Gidgets are well-known for the unique patented design of the slide-out which almost doubles the cabin capacity.  Our design is the only teardrop camper in the world with a slide-out feature that allows for a queen size bed and plenty of storage and cabinet space inside the cabin, and which also converts to a lounge in three simple steps. 

Gidget has a large social media following and global audience with campers being shipped to Australia, the USA, Canada and New Zealand. This site caters to our North American customers (USA & Canada).  For sales elsewhere, please see the Australian website.

Enjoy browsing through our website - we hope you'll see why we all love our Gidgets so much!


Overview Of Gidget's unique Features

Below are highlights of Gidget's innovative design and features that come as standard on all Gidgets.

 Gidget with patented slide-out fully extended

Gidget with patented slide-out fully extended

Innovative Size Expansion

Our Gidgets are well-known for the unique patented design of the slide-out which almost doubles the cabin capacity; this allows for a queen size bed which also converts to a lounge in three simple steps.

 Inside the cabin of a Gidget

Inside the cabin of a Gidget

Technology & Energy Efficiency

We have built in Technology like 24” full HD TV/DVD/USB/Radio/Stereo on a rotating entertainment console, energy efficient LED lights, USB chargers and 120V outlets inside and out and 12V for off-grid, certified cooktop with flame-failure device and safety cut-off switch. Important gauges to measure power and water supplies are part of a complete instrument panel.

 Gidget kitchen with gas cooktop boiling a kettle

Gidget kitchen with gas cooktop boiling a kettle

High Quality Finishes & Functionality

Integral to our design­—in both functionality and aesthetics— we have created a kitchen you'll enjoy using with its handy features and well-appointed drawers, cubbies and counter space. A major feature throughout our Gidgets are the beautifully-crafted natural Australian and American timbers and veneers, sourced from local and national suppliers who have important FSC and Chain of Custody credentials.  

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The Bells is the smallest of our Gidget campers, built to be compact and extra lightweight. It is narrower and shorter than our other models so has slightly less storage and a double sized bed versus a queen. 


The Bondi is our original model. It is the perfect size for one or two people to travel comfortably. Heck, you can even add a pet, a child or both depending on everyone’s sleeping habits! 


With Gidget’s Noosa, we add a few extra features. The longer length allows for more storage, more cabin room, and an optional shower and toilet compartment. 


Named after wild horses, our rugged, off-road model stands alone from the others with an off-road engineered chassis and suspension plus protection bars and kicker boards along the entire body.



Gidget is a family business based in Brisbane, Australia. The inventor, Glenn Wills, and his partner/designer, Christine Bree, began conceptualizing and designing the first Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper in 2012. This process involved testing and developing materials, features and finishes and then custom-building their Gidget prototype. They dedicated themselves to creating the most inventive, functional and beautiful teardrop camper possible. This original Gidget has traveled 31,000+ miles throughout the varied and rugged conditions of Australia. She has been tested in the tropical heat of Cairns and cold winters at Cradle Mountain. She has been their glamper camper on remote beaches and in mountain rainforests. She has been the star at family barbeques, and host to many an extra guest when their house was overflowing with visitors.


After all of this comprehensive road-testing, “lifestyle” testing, and more attention and demand than they ever anticipated - it was time to go into production. Operations started out in a small warehouse in 2012 and has expanded three times since. All Gidget Campers are custom-built to order under one roof in the Australian factory by skilled tradespeople. All the materials and components are top of the line. The timbers are sustainably sourced from locations throughout Australia and the US. The accessories are selected for style and function. The authentic retro curtain fabrics are hand sewn.

Gidget is world renowned for her unique patented slide-out, and also offers several extra features not typically available in a teardrop camper.  These include a solar panel system, pressurized water, LED lighting, a toughened glass 2-burner gas cooktop with safety devices, as well as a rotating entertainment console with a full HD 24" TV, CD player and ports.


This website focuses on North American customers (USA & Canada) and is owned by Gidget Licensees, Kathleen & Dwight Wills, operating as Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper, LLC from their office in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  

Gidget co-founders Glenn Wills and Christine Bree manage Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper PTY LTD from their company headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.  For Australian and New Zealand sales, please view the Australian website.