Interested to Know About the  Buying Process?

1. Deciding

You can gather information about our models and options here.  However, we love communicating with potential Gidget owners.  So we recommend the next step is to reach us by email. We respond to each inquiry and answer every question personally. This way we can also provide files of all of our specs, prices and swatches for your convenience. Once you have reviewed the information, it is up to you if you’d like to continue emailing us or if you would like to call us for further information. We will not continue to contact you and do not use hard sales techniques. We present the information, and it is completely up to you as to how and if you would like to move forward from there. Another great way to learn more about us is by reading through all of the stories, photos and videos on Gidget's Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and Twitter pages - all links provided below by clicking on their icons.

2. Ordering

Order forms for each model are available on our website here and below. You can fill them out electronically or you can give us a call for further guidance. 

3. Payments

40% is due with your order and the remaining 60% is due 60 days prior to completion and shipping. Once we receive your completed Order Form and signed Terms and Conditions, we will send an Invoice. All Invoices are paid at your convenience via personal check or a wire transfer to our Gidget USA business account. Once your funds are received, we send an Order Confirmation and your custom-made camper order is entered into our production sequence.

4. Production Time

Due to variations in demand, your custom options, and shipping ports we cannot state a wait time here on the website. However, we will give you an approximate delivery time when your order is placed. You will be notified and invoiced when your final balance is due. 

5. Delivery

Gidget Retro Teardrop Campers are custom built in our factory located in Brisbane, Australia.  Your Gidget would then be shipped to the USA.  All shipping costs are included in the prices. It is the customer’s responsibility to make arrangements to pick up your camper from our Headquarters in Atlanta, or to make arrangements to pick up from the Los Angeles Port. The other option is to have your Gidget delivered to your door by land transport which we would provide an estimate for. 

6. Live & Love the Lifestyle

After you take possession of your new Gidget you can enjoy connecting with the dedicated community of fellow Gidget Glampers across the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. You can share camping or Gidget tips, share your travel itineraries and experiences and arrange meetups. You will also be eligible for Gidget free competitions and have access to a whole range of fun and helpful resources to make traveling and planning holidays in your Gidget easy and enjoyable. As Gidget grows, state and national rallies are being planned for the future.