From FAQ Security Question:

There is also a duress button and security alarm system. Just activate the alarm and then lock your camper. If someone tries to move or break in to your Gidget the alarm engages using flashing tail lights and marker lamp lights as well as a very loud sound. It automatically resets (turns off) after a certain time, then if the camper is moved again it re-engages. This way it doesn’t flatten your battery or annoy other campers by staying on after the offender has flown. The duress button in the cabin engages the same system and can’t be turned off by anyone but you.

Can we take our Gidget offroad?

We need to qualify this as there are different interpretations of ‘off road’. Gidget is designed as durable and very easy to tow The original prototype has been road tested over 55,000km from Far North Queensland to Tasmania, a distance equal and longer than a lifetime of holiday travel towing a camper for most people. However, the design of Gidget is deliberately low to suit standard cars, classic cars and hot rods - true retro style. With the mirrored stainless steel running boards and stone guard, the custom chrome smoothies, and exposed wheel guards, it is not suitable to go true off road/4WDriving with Gidget. Our 2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty is voided if Gidget is taken 4 Wheel Driving on tracks not suitable for 2WD vehicles. Go slow on corrugated roads and just use common sense.