Noosa is a gorgeous stretch of beach along the Sunshine Coast of South-East Queensland, approximately 136 kilometers (85 miles) north of Brisbane, the state's capital. The beach at Noosa (now called Noosa Heads) and its small bays around the headland are common surfing locations which are known on world surfing circuits. One of its major surfing contests involves the Noosa Festival of Surfing which is an official Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Longboard rated event.  Noosa was truly the heart of Australian surfing in the late 50s and early 60s, with some great innovations in surfboard design. (Source)


With Gidget’s Noosa, we add a few extra features. The longer length allows for nearly triple the kitchen volume of the Bondi, more cabin storage including a hanging closet, a fully-independent trailing arm suspension system with gas shock absorbers, as well as a shower/toilet compartment upgrade option. 


Standard Features

The Noosa is packed with standard features:

  • Unique patented slide-out feature nearly doubling the size of the cabin interiors
  • Fully-independent trailing arm suspension system with gas shock absorbers
  • Lounge conversion from bench to bed
  • Full width skylight for natural light and sleeping under the stars
  • Rotating entertainment system (with 24” TV + USB port + CD Player)
  • Energy efficient solar panel system and LED lighting
  • 110V and 12V power via included battery, charger and inverter
  • Storage (underfloor, hanging closet, kitchen drawers)
  • Water tank and waste tank
  • Large screened windows
  • Safety features such as fire extinguisher, smoke detector and locks
  • Our much loved craftsmen-built timber kitchens

Personalize your Noosa

Like all our Gidget Campers, the Noosa is custom-built to order regardless of the model type. Each one is a work of art and personalized to your tastes. You choose your body and wheel guard colors, retro curtain fabric pattern, cushion color, handle style as well as a choice from 10 different types of gorgeous Australian and American timbers – all included in the standard prices. 

Decisions on size

We are often asked about the differences between our original Bondi and the Noosa model.  Check out this fact sheet for a detailed explanation.

To learn more about the Bondi model, please explore its dedicated page here, along with the other models below.  You can view further images of all Gidget models in the Visual Gallery.

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